Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick

I've heard a lot about the Clinique Chubby Sticks, and I really wanted to try them out, because everyone was really positive about it. So I finally bought one. I got a really good deal on it because they were on sale and I got 40% off. 

The Clinique Chubby Stick is a moisturizing lip colour balm. I think the package of it is really nice, it has flowers and leaves on it. It think it looks really cute.  

The Clinique Chubby Sticks look really cute, they are like a big lip pencil.

07 'super strawberry'

As you can see, the chubby stick is a little bit sheer. It also is more a lip balm than a lipstick so I already expected it to be a little bit sheer. I don't mind that it's sheer because it does really moiturizes my lips and it makes them really soft. 

This is how it looks on my lips. I really like the colour of it, because it is not too light or not too dark. I think this is a perfect every day colour, which suits every skin tone as well. It also feels really nice on the lips, it's really not sticky and it feels just like a lipbalm. It also leaves a nice shine on your lips. 

I'm really happy with this product and I think I will be wearing it alot!

Love Kirsten <3

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lush Products

This week I visited the Lush store in Amsterdam. I have read a lot of reviews on the internet about Lush products, especially a fresh facial cleanser named Angels on bare skin. Many people were really positive about it and I wanted to try it too.

Like I already said before, the product is called Angels on bare skin. It is an old receipe, and the ingredients are all natural. This product evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves the health and appearance of your skin, it it giving it a natural healty glow. 

Which ingredients make this product so good are ground almonds, it turn to an almond milk when you add some water. It also contains oils, kaolin and small lavendel flowers. All these products together softens your skin, and the little pieces of almond are also a little scrub. The product smells really strong, but not in a bad way. You can smell the lavendel in combination with the oils.

Most of the facial cleansers contains water, and that is why it also contains preservatives. This product doesn't contain any preservatives or chemical ingredients. You have to add water by yourself.

Even though this facial cleanser is also a little scrub, you can still use it everyday. 

I bought this product in combination with a Toner water. 

It is Tea tree water. It is a strong toner for a normal to oily skin type, and especially for the younger skin. Tea tree is a plant from Australie. It has cleaning, desinfactant properties and they added grapefruit to it.You can use this products after you used a facial cleanser, like AOBS, you can also use it for refreshing. 

I'm really happy with this products and I hope they will do their work really good, but I don't really doubt that.

Prices of the products
Tea tree water bottle of 100g  €5,55,-
Angels on bare skin bottle of 100g  €9,90,-

Do you have any experiences with any Lush products? Let me know in the comments

Love, Michella xo

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Autumn Tag ♥

Officially it isn't autumn yet, but it's already raining all the time in Holland. So I thought it would be nice to do the Autumn Tag. I am excited for the fall/autumn but the only thing I hate about it, is that it's raining so often in Holland. Anyways, let's start doing the tag.

For Autumn, what is your...

1. Favourite thing about it? My favorite thing about Autumn is the cooler weather, because you can wear sweaters and scarves and all that kind of stuff. It also looks really pretty outside because the leaves turn into diffrent colours and fall of the trees.

2. Favourite drink? I really like drinking hot chocolate on a cold day, but I also really like drinking tea. A drink from starbucks that I really like in the Autumn is the Caramel Mocha. 

3. Favourite scent/candle? I really like cinnamon scented candles in the Autumn. For perfumes I really like Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, it's described as a fresh, glamorous and seductive scent. 

4. Best lipstick? It's not really a lipstick, but I really like the essence stay matt lipcream in 'smooth berry'. It's a really nice berry colour, it's matt and it stays on your lips for quite a long time.

5. Go to moisturiser? My go to moisturiser is the Biodermal moisturiser for Oily & Combination skin. I like this moisturiser because it helps with keeping my skin matt trough the day and it doesn't break me out. 

6. Go to colours for the eyes? I don't wear eyeshadow everyday, but if I do I like to use a natural colour on the lid and a darker brown colour for in the crease. I also really like to wear winged eyeliner, I wear that pretty much everyday.

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? Of course, One Direction. But I listen to One Direction every season, because I'm a huge fan of One Direction. But I also have been liking the song Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes.

8. Favourite outfit to wear? I like to wear skinny jeans with boots, a leather black jacket and a scarf if it gets a little bit colder.

9.Autumn treat? I think new clothes or makeup for the Autumn. Not really anything specific :)

10. Favourite place to be? At home, watching youtube videos or doing homework.. Or working on the blog :) Again not really anything specifics.

So there's my answers, I hope you enjoyed reading them. Feel free to do the tag too, I would love to see your answers :) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nail Of The Day ♥

Today's nail of the day is OPI Pepes Purple Passion, a dark purple colour with some sparkles in it. I love this nail polish for the fall and winter time, I know it's a little bit early to think about that but I like it anyways :)

flash, 1 coat

The formulation of this nail polish is really nice, it goes on really smooth and quick. The formulation is also quite thin which I really like, because I think it's much easier to apply it when it's a little bit thin. It only takes 1 coat for full opacity. Overall I really like this nail polish and I probably will wear it a lot this fall. 

What's your favorite nail polish? 

xxx Kirsten 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorite music of the moment

Music... A way of art that inspired many people. Music knows many different styles, from classic to pop and rock. I know, I don't tell anything new at the moment, but music is still, and i'm sure it will always be, the most loved way of art.

You can express yourself with music, and that doesn't mean you have to make music by yourself, but it means that you can find your own style of music that you love. The melody and text of the song can be something that you can compare to yourself. 

My personal favorite style of music is pop, like the most of the people around my age. Why? 
Every pop song is so different, but still the same, because it is pop music. It is funny how every pop song can be so different, and that's the reason why I love it. 

So now back to the reason why i'm writing this...My favorite music of the moment.

At first I have to say, that my favorite music of the moment, doesn't have to be new music. I also listen to songs that are not so new anymore.

My first song is a song you probably all know, because yes, this is a new song. It's Katy Perry with Roar.
I'm not a die-hard fan of Katy Perry but I have to say, her music is so good. Everytime she brings out a new song she touches my heart. When I first heard the song I directly loved it. And have you already seen the official lyric video of this song? (Official lyric video) It is so funny and based on what is hot now. Yup, whatsapp. But Katy Perry did a very good job and this song is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. 

The next song remind me of the summer, when I was in the beautiful France instead of the rainy, but also beautiful Holland... It's Florida Georgie line ft. Nelly with Cruise. The melody of the song makes me feel so happy and relaxed, I really like this song and I think that this song will stay an alltime favorite. 

Out of town girl by Justin Bieber is also one of my most played songs at the moment. Now I have to be honest, i'm a Belieber, and that means that I love all of Justin his songs, and that I can listen to them 24/7, but I especially listen to this song, a lot. Why? I don't know. I love everything about the song; the beat, the lyrics. Don't judge me.

My fourth favorite song of the moment is Applause by Lady Gaga. I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga her music. On the 18th of september in 2012 I saw her live in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, and wow, she blew me away. She is so amazing live and she has such an amazing and sweet personality. Since then I liked her even more than I already did before and she keeps making good music. I just simply love it.

My last favorite song is Say you're just a friend by Austin Mahone ft. Flo Rida. This song is just amazing... Everything is right about this song! It is so catchy and Austin is an amazing singer. And Flo Rida makes the song even better. I've listened to this song many, many times, and I still like it.  People say that Austin tries to be Justin, I don't have a opinion about that actually. Justin has his own style and so does Austin. Anyways, it doesn't matter because this song is just simply amazing.

My favorite songs change really often, but I think that a few of this songs will always stay my all time favorites, but, you never know...
                                         What is your favorite music of the moment? Let me know!

                                                                  Love, Michella xo

My Favorite Lip Products ♥

A lipstick or lipgloss is definitely something I use every single day, so I thought it would be nice to show what my favorites are. I usually go for a natural pink color, but sometimes I like to go for a brighter lip colour.

From left to right: MAC lipstick in Hue - Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry                                       Shortcake - Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar - Bourjois Effet 3D                             Gloss in Rose Pacific - MAC lipstick in Shy Girl

MAC Lipstick in Hue is a soft pale pink. It's a glaze, which means you can still see a little bit of your natural lip colour which I really like. It's just a really nice every day colour.

Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake is a sheer pink colour. It's a little bit more blue undertoned. I really like the Revlon Lipbutters because it's almost a lipstick and lipgloss in one.

Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar is a really bright pink colour, but it's a little bit more orange/red unertoned which I really like because I think that suites my complexion better. 

I really like the combination of the Bourjois lipgloss and the MAC lipstick in Shy girl. I just put on the lipstick first and use the lipgloss on top of the lipstick. 'Shy Girl' is a creamy neutral coral beige. The Bourjois lipgloss is a light coral colour.

What is your favorite lip product? Let me know in the comments :)

xxx Kirsten